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“Connecting our Community”



TEAM-Cottage Grove is committed to "Connecting our Community"
through networking and making what is good even better.

Maintain and share an accurate database of current Cottage Grove nonprofit organizations [NPOs] and provide it free to anyone upon request.



Continue publication and distribution of the weekly publication, Around The Grove, so residents and visitors are aware of local events. Coordinate with other community calendars to include NPO activities. Create and maintain a website to showcase local nonprofit organizations and to link with other community websites.



Conduct outreach to NPOs to determine their needs and how TCG can help to meet them. Research other communities with a successful volunteer registry. Work with nonprofit organizations to develop a local volunteer registry to match NPO projects and events with youth and adults willing to help. Work with partners to organize a community-wide networking event that strengthens local nonprofit organizations.

For additional information about T.E.A.M.-Cottage Grove

Visit our website:

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Call: Don Williams at 541.942.4752

To become an e-Subscriber to the weekly community newsletter please send an email to and put the word Subscribe in the subject line.

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