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Our Projects

Over the years, Another Way Enterprises (A.W.E.) has sponsored a variety of community-based projects under our 501c3 umbrella. This means that as a part of A.W.E., they can receive tax-deductible donations (please see our Donate page for more details).
It is a privilege to be an incubator for groups getting started with the ambition of
obtaining their own non-profit status as well being a permanent home for smaller
efforts. It is our goal to assist these groups and their dedicated volunteers who
enrich our community.
Our projects are as diverse and creative as the people who run them: supporting the arts and
the environment; promoting sustainable food sources; providing meals for the community;
working on neighborhood and networking issues; building small lending libraries to encourage our children
to read; and bringing music to our town.
We have provided space on our website to showcase their work by providing them with individual project pages. Many of our current projects are featured here, and we hope you take a few moments to see what they are doing for the community of Cottage Grove.
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