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Another Way Enterprises

Another Way Enterprises is a community oriented 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Cottage Grove, Oregon.  We serve as an organizational umbrella for local projects that help further our mission.

Another Way Ent Umbrella

Welcome to Another Way Enterprises

Another Way Enterprises (A.W.E.) is dedicated to "promoting a stronger community and sustainable local economy" in Cottage Grove. A.W.E. achieves this is through the sponsorship of local initiatives needing a non-profit umbrella which are aligned with our Mission Statement. In the past we have sponsored community theaters, neighborhood associations, community parks, and more.
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Building community is at the heart of A.W.E.’s objective, creating a space for others to achieve their goal of being part of what makes the community of Cottage Grove thrive. Each of our projects focuses on helping our town be a better place to live whether by feeding people, teaching classes on sustainable living, celebrating culture and diversity through music, protecting the environment, building networks to nurture communication, providing news and educational resources, or ensuring children have books to read.
To learn more about our projects, please visit the Our Projects page. To find out how to apply to become an A.W.E. project see our Becoming a Project page.

Events and Announcements



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